Warner Music Invests in Roblox

Young boy playing Roblox on tablet


The music company Warner is investing millions in the Roblox gaming platform. It is about new forms of exploitation, says the music industry researcher Peter Tschmuck. The gaming sector opens up a lucrative business field for companies. The Roblox platform is clicked on more often than Netflix and Youtube. It is mostly used by young people. You can build your action-adventure games there and meet and interact in these self-designed worlds like the scary games at Roblox.

Exclusive music from superstars

More and more often, exclusive music from superstars can also be experienced and heard in these games – a new marketing opportunity for record companies. Now the music giant Warner Music Group has joined Roblox.*

“Warner Music wants to strengthen its catalog,” says Peter Tschmuck, an expert in music economics research at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. “These are songs that are certainly very successful in the very long run.” It is about using other forms of exploitation for music than just the pure publishing business.


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Major labels still not very active in the games sector

The games sector is still a relatively little cultivated field by the major labels. However, the songs are not only used in the context of the game, explains Tschmuck, for example by opening a door, and behind it, a musician plays.

In addition, this music will then also be used on other platforms, of which there are now many on the net – such as the video network Tiktok. “There is a double benefit here,” says Tschmuck.

Further growth to be expected

For a long time, gaming had only been an additional income for the music industry. “But lately we’ve seen a lot of examples where stars are part of games and music contributes accordingly.” This has increased in recent years and is probably the decisive reason why Warner decided to invest in Roblox, according to Tschmuck.
And further growth is foreseeable: “The games industry is dependent on music.”

Despite expensive rights, it is interesting to use attractive music, because it also makes the game more attractive.