The whole process of directing sounds and music for a movie is a fascinating work. This is due to the reason that the work environment seems extravagant in comparison to someone who’ve spent most of their professional career working in trenches of the broadcasting audio for TV.

The Approach for Each Setting

The mystery engulfed by cinema audio is where the budgets are big. Audio is being recorded on huge sound stages and is being mixed in large rooms that are filled with staffs who have different specializations.

Broadcast audio engineers also have a completely different experience. When working as broadcast audio, one person might wind up handling the dialog and music editing and then another for the sound design as well as final mix. Whereas in movies, each of the said task is being handled by different individuals. Also, there are broadcast facilities that have big studios but the crews and budget are limited and smaller compared to cinema. The audio control rooms are at times as big as closet.

A Different Setting

With TV on the other hand, particularly with the ever-growing consumption of content on personal media devices, it is highly egocentric medium to which everything including speakers are all focused to a single location in the room. This creates an experience that is best and ideal for few people only.

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