Classic Anime Music that Anime Fans Worldwide Know by Heart

The most well-loved Japanese anime shows and films have attention-grabbing music themes as publishers make sure they are easily recognizable to anime fans. Actually, you cannot claim to be an anime fan if you don’t know the anime songs created and composed that depict the storyline and its characters,
The main reason why the songs are attention grabbing is because the musical compositions are diverse and pleasing that any musically inclined person will listen to them, even if he or she is not an anime fan. Just to give examples, below are some of the most iconic music themes composed and performed especially for a particular nanime that viewers stream online.

Sailor Moon’s Moonlight Densetsu

Recognized as a classic anime song, it’s the opening music of the all time anime favorite Sailor Moon released in 1992. This anime boasts of having a lot of girl fans from different countries. Although Moonlight Densetsu was a song performed by the all-girl J-pop group Dali, it’s the only successful single released as the collaboration between the singers was short-lived

Digimon’s Butter-Fly

Butter-Fly is one of the well known classic anime songs in Japan since Digimon Adventure was released in 1999. Originally performed by Japanese artist Koji Wada, Butter-Fly remakes branded as Butter-Fly -Strong Version in 2009 and Butter-Fly tri.Version in 2015 kept the spirit of the Digimon Adventures alive.

Dragon Ball Z’s Cha-La Head-Cha-La

While there are numerous background music pieces used for the Dragon Ball sensation, the opening music Cha-La Head-Cha-La is the most popular. All age groups have watched the Dragon Ball series and movies for years while hearing the Cha-La Head-Cha-La as opening song for a long time. This anime song was hugely popular. It catapulted the career of Japanese songwriter and singer Hironobu Kageyama as creator of anime opening songs and background music for video games.

We Are! From One Piece

One Piece is considered one of the best manga comic book that has been transformed into anime series. The We Are song is always remembered as the first to have been aired as theme song. Played right from the very first up to the 47th episodes, its composer and singer Hiroshi Kitadani later released new songs for the modern day One Piece. This anime, which first came out in 1999 marked its milestone 1000th episode in 2021.

Pokémon Theme

Although the Pokémon Theme can be regarded as the the most popular and familiar anime song of all time, the theme song that gained the largest followers is the theme song of the English version. The first season of which was aired since Pokémon began airing also in the late 1990s, when anime shows became phenomenal successes worldwide. Even Japanese Pokemon fans loved the English version of Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, performed by Jason Paige.