Music In The Background Of A Website

Many webmasters and their clients think it’s a good idea to automatically play background music when entering the company website. This would ultimately have a positive effect on the mood of the visitors like in a supermarket.

Reasons against music on corporate websites

Unfortunately, from a usability point of view, there are a lot of reasons against corporate websites. Corporate sites and club administration of Campai software should consider if they want to use background music. Music can be annoying because you don’t want to attract attention or because there are various other sources of noise in an office. Apart from the fact that it might be very difficult to meet the music taste of the visitor.

But does that also apply to your target group? As part of Google Adwords campaigns, you can quickly find out whether your target group accepts background music. You can check whether the conversion rate is positively influenced.

Creativity and music

If your work requires a lot of creativity, then the best thing to do is to hear: nothing. You read that right. The “Mozart Effect” that became known in the 1990s is now considered questionable. According to this Mozart effect, piano music has a positive influence on spatial and temporal imagination when solving creative tasks. Studies have since disproved this phenomenon and even show that subjects solve creative tasks better when there is no background noise at all. Take advantage of quiet moments and let your thoughts wander undisturbed.

Relaxed and stress-free in the office thanks to music


With or without music, regular breaks are important for productive work. So treat yourself to a few minutes off and listen to fast, happy songs or just your favourite music during the break. Positive sounds make you happy by stimulating the release of the happiness hormone dopamine. This way you can start work in a good mood after a short break and work even more productively.

Having a really stressful day? Natural sounds and quiet pieces of music, such as instrumental, soft rock or reggae, ensure relaxed work.

Ultimately, music in the workplace is a matter of sensitivity. Try out different genres of music. Listen to what is ideal for you always with consideration for your colleagues, of course.